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Event Management Software combines the power of the cloud to deliver the industry's most comprehensive Event Management Software. Features:

Parental/Group Login

Parents or coaches can manage mulitiple players and easily sign them up for various tournaments

Tournament Packages

Create packages geared towards users that sign up for multiple tournaments


All tools are at your disposal when managing your event such as Tournament pairing, Scorecard Entry and Live Leaderboards


Enjoy having the flexibility to add or remove fields when creating your reports, allowing you to focus on what matters. Every transaction is recorded for your convenience giving you the information you need, when you need it.


Personalize your tournament. Change the background, logo and edit the tournament overview, allowing your event to stand out.

No Hidden Fees

Know your monthly cost with no additional surprises on your monthly bill.

Secure Transactions

Users can feel confident knowing that when paying for a tournament their personal information is encrypted through our payment gateway.

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With the help of, organizations have the ability to run multiple tournaments for different age groups for both members and non-members.

By having a tournament waitlist, it provides users with the ability to be added to a wait list for a certain event, and when a spot becomes available, they can be notified and moved over to the active roster.

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Organize, collaborate, and present

Our software enables employees to run the best event possible. Organizations no matter how big or small are able to organize their events with our customizable options and present them to its users/members.

Using our cloud based event software with multi-user permissions, it allows you to have full control over what your employees can accomplish.

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Feel confident knowing that we are here to help you through any issues that may occur. 24/7 tech support is available to help you when you need it most.

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Player Connection

While the software is for organizations, we also care about the user. When designing our software, we have worked hard to ensure that the technology is user friendly and streamlined.

We reach out to users on a regular basis to get their opinion regarding issues they are having in response to ease of usability, and are constantly upgrading and tweaking the software to make it as easy as possible to register for tournaments and make smooth, hassle free transactions.

After all, our software is only as good as its user.

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